Dogs In The Office May Help Team Building

If you work for a large company, chances are there's pretty strict rules banning you from bringing your dog to the office. That might make sense from the point of view of the cleaners, but having a dog around can actually help when it comes to collaboration.

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Psychology Today reports on a study conducted by Central Michigan University, where small groups were assessed on their ability to perform two group-oriented tasks with or without a dog present. Having a dog around appeared to produce better co-operation:

The researchers found that the groups who had a dog hanging around — wagging its tail and acting doglike while they wrote their mock ads — ranked higher on qualities of trust, team cohesion, and intimacy than the teams who were dogless.

Obviously that's only one study, and canine-phobic workers are likely to freak out so badly that any team-building benefits could be offset. Had your own positive canine experience in the office? Tell us about it in the comments.

New Study Suggests Bringing Dogs to Work May Increase Social Cohesion [Psychology Today]


    I bring my dog to work sometimes, Though its not something I can do when kids are around (School) so in the holidays (when I'm still working) he is always with me.
    Great fun.

    Dogs = Awesomeness

    Or it could guarantee those of us with major (as in hospitalisation required) allergies to dogs and/or cats never come to work.

    Dogs may be awesome, but everything is less awesome when your throat has swollen shut.

    Bad idea. I'd spend all day playing with the dog!

    Sounds like a time waster, wont be doing that

    We have a pet Cactus and pet Rock. They are good mascots for our office.

    My family owned a small sign making business, and our Labrador used to come to work with us every day.

    If you were having a bad time, a big fluffy head would flop on your lap, you couldn't help but smile.

    Most dogs I've owned/known are happy to sit quietly all day as long as their family is in the same room, so most of the time I think it would work. I think it depends on the dog's personality though, it has to fit in with the team just like everyone else.

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