Does Your Workplace Have A Social Networking Policy?

Does Your Workplace Have A Social Networking Policy?

Research conducted by security company McAfee suggests that 70% of Australian companies have some sort of policy blocking or regulating the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. How does your office stack up?

The chart above shows how the options — ranging from an outright ban to monitoring of activity — stack up in Australia. Social networking policies are often ill-thought-through: blanket bans can simply drive workers to spend more time on their smart phones, and McAfee’s study suggests that 36% of local companies don’t have a policy relating to mobile access. However, those numbers suggest it is pretty common.

Are you suffering from a tight workplace social networking regime, or has your boss got other issues to worry about? Tell us what happens at your workplace via the poll below, and let us know the ups and downs of office social networking in the comments.


  • I’m a Sys Admin at a government organisation. It didn’t take much convincing of management to block sites, when I showed them the reports of how much time was wasted by staff on social media. Internet connected phones seem to be a way around it for the more savy now!

  • Not only are social networking sites blocked in my workplace, I’m happy they are. I don’t want my IT department knowing what I do or write on any social networking sites I frequent. My organisation says that it keeps records on all the sites visited. I don’t want anything I do off work traced to me on a work computer. Similarly I barely talk about work, I certainly don’t talk about my workplace or what I do there.

    My social and work life (apart from friends) are two separate parts of my life.

  • I work for a government organisation. Our Social Networking policy is NO.
    Essentially we have a whitelist rather than a blacklist. Whitelist includes pretty much,, government websites and the ABC.
    Oh and they block any url with ‘game’ in it from time to time.

  • Yeah im also in a government agency and its a 100% ban.
    proxies and phones can get around it (i dont cos i really dont care)
    what i do find funny is that looking at the times on peoples responses they are mostly all during work hours anyway, so instead of facebook its lifehacker, even the system admin.

    not that there is anything wrong with it

  • My workplace has a policy that allows personal internet usage during breaks but lists only youtube and facebook as banned at all all times citing bandwidth usage as the reason.
    Considering I’ve seen a worker using utorrent and nothing happened, it’s basically a joke.

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