DIY Motorcycle Rearview Camera With In-Helmet Display

If you want to more easily see the road behind you from your motorcycle, hacker Nescioqd shows us how he mounted a display inside his helmet and connected it to a rearview camera on his bike.

Nescioqd's project was pretty complicated, but some of it seems unnecessary if you'd rather not work with electronics so deeply. His particular hack not only mounted a camera on the back of his bike, but he routed the power supply for the tail light to the camera as well. It's clever, but you can probably just run it on batteries if you'd rather not mess with it.

The display is a small LCD screen shaped like glasses lenses that go near your eyes (so you can tell when you're going over 9000). It's a clever idea, though not without its problems—you'd need to make sure you got the right kind of helmet and screen so you could see it at night. Hit the link for more details.

Wireless Motorcycle Helmet Mounted Display [via Hack a Day]


    I saw this on hackaday just 5 minutes ago lol but i still don't understand why he's using his tail light's power for the camera head. Depending on which tail light he's used, it only outputs 12v when it's used. i.e. when he hits the brakes, puts it in reverse, etc. He probably would've been better off hooking it up to the ignition or accessories power. Or maybe even run it straight from the battery but with an aftermarket switch.

    This is an extremely good idea though! I wonder if his monitor is communicating with the camera wirelessly or through discreet cables. The latter would seem rather dangerous

      Actually connecting to the tail light is very common. The tail light on all bikes in the last ten years comes on when the ignition starts and goes off when it stops. It's also commonly tied in to dim when actually starting the bike so it doesn't overload the often tiny battery in a bike.

      The tail light also has the advantages of being on a fused circuit and of being relatively straight forward to access. Given the space constraints on a bike some of the locations of wiring looms can make this sort of mod very difficult without pulling half the bike apart.

        Well i'm not experienced with bikes, so i'm only left to assume lol. I just would've thought there are many other places aside from the tail light... that's all

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