DIY Miniature Web Server Controls IR Devices Over The Internet

If you've ever left the house and realised you left the TV, Xbox or anything else turned on, this little DIY web clicker will allow you to turn if off remotely, with your web-enabled smart phone.

DIYer Nicholas combined a USB Propeller and an Ethernet module (which ran him about $US12) to make a mini web server with an IR circuit. With it and a bit of simple code, he can send IR signals to any device from a web browser window. It's not something everyone necessarily has a use for, but has quite a few possibilities in the realm of home automation. Check out the video for a quick demo, and hit the link for full instructions.

Control Your TV with Your Phone [Instructables]


    I think that US$12 should read US$92 which is what the main 2 boards cost. This looked great until I saw it was on the wrong side of a fifty...

    I agree. Please change the article text to be true. I saw 12 bucks and the so disappointed

    Is there anything Instructables doesn't cater for?

    Lost me at the hello kitty firefox skin...
    >>NEXT POST>>

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