DIY Keypad Door Lock

We've shown you what one clever hacker did to work his door with a keyfob, and this year that same student is back with a variation, based on a keypad.

The hack is still pretty hardware intensive, but Arudino fans will love this clever hack—especially if you're the type that locks yourself out of your room a lot. It works as you'd expect it to: you punch in the correct keycode and the door opens. What's really neat, though, is that he didn't mess with the lock mechanism in any way. The door stays locked at all times, and punching in the right keycode just turns the handle from the inside. It's an pretty slick way to work around dorm rules, as well as making a system that can be taken down without changing the door. Hit the link to check out the first of 20 or so YouTube videos detailing the build.

Ke.Pad.Ke [via Hack a Day]


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