Cyberduck FTP Updates With Google Storage Support, Announces Windows Version

Mac OS X (and soon, Windows): Cyberduck adds support for Amazon S3 file versioning, Google Storage and Access Control List (ACL) editing for both. Also announced is an upcoming version of the popular FTP application for Windows.

It's very exciting to hear that Cyberduck will soon be released for Windows. I've never loved any Windows FTP software, and Cyberduck is one of the best FTP applications around — plus it's free. It'll work with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

The new Mac version (3.6) now has support for Google Storage and Amazon S3 file versioning, plus a bunch of other changes. The Mac update is available right now, and the Windows version is in private beta (details on how to sign up in the official blog post), due for a release when it meets the same standards of quality and reliability as the Mac application.



    I honestly can't wait. Its a great application, and it means i can finally give the bloated firezilla the flick!

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