Create A Visual Slideshow Resume To Avoid The Slush Pile

Create A Visual Slideshow Resume To Avoid The Slush Pile

Some employers really do want only a simple page of education and work credentials. But most would prefer to hire someone who can explain their accomplishments with greater depth. Create a slideshow-style “visual resume” to give your application a fighting chance.

Jesse Desjardins demonstrates the power of a resume uploaded to SlideShare instead of mailed as a PDF in a, well, a SlideShare, of course. It’s embedded here:

Really Ugly Résumés

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The biggest drawback, of course, is that if you make a boring, typical PowerPoint presentation about your credentials, you’re likely doing more harm than good. But that’s a challenge worth taking on for an interesting job you really want.

Really Ugly Résumés [SlideShare via Digital Inspiration]


  • 2 points:

    1) In my personal opinion, this slideshow looks so childish.

    2) It’s not applicable for unskilled entry-level jobs, where the huge competition is (hundreds of applications for a shitty casual position of 5 hours a week, $16/hour). In fact, it is only applicable to creative jobs where one designs, markets or builds things. How is this useful to a solicitor, for example?

    “This is a picture of me and OJ outside the court – he’s not such a bad guy after all! Epic win for me!”

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