Cook A Pizza Without An Oven

Staying in hostels and backpacker establishments makes for cheap travelling, but it's often a lottery as to what equipment you'll find in the kitchen. Backpacking site Pack on Back details how a little ingenuity and a grill tray combined to make it possible to cook a pizza without an oven.

Confronted with a hotplate-only kitchen in a Buenos Aires after buying pizza ingredients, poster Joshua improvised a solution:

First we found a large pot which the pizza base could fit into. Then we found a cake tray grill so the bottom of the pizza would not burn. We put the pizza inside the pot on top of the cake tray and turned on the stove.

It probably wouldn't win you a pizza of the year competition, but there's no doubt it would beat yet another serve of noodles. Got your own tried and tested hostel cooking trick? Share it in the comments.

How to make travel pizza, no oven [Pack on Back]


    Holy shit, that's one dirty bench.

      You could build a mini wood oven out of bricks over an open fire. Sourcing and getting the bricks mounted over the fire might be tricky.

      Also assumes you have a suitable outdoors area.

      BBQ is also suitable, e.g. pizza hacker.

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