Chrome Updates To Version 6, With Extension Syncing, Form Autofill

Two years after its inception, Google Chrome reaches version 6, bringing with it the much sought-after extension syncing, form autofill and autofill syncing, and an even more streamlined UI.

We talked about extension syncing back when it first appeared in the Dev channel, but today the holy grail of browser syncing comes to users of the stable builds. It also brings form autofill and the ability to sync autofill preferences along with your extensions, bookmarks, preferences and themes.

The newest version also sports a slightly updated UI, the most notable change of which is the replacement of the wrench and page icon with a single drop-down menu. It's also the fastest and most stable it has been, so if your copy of Chrome hasn't updated itself already (the Mac builds don't seem to be auto-updating), head on over and do it now!

Back to the Future: Two Years of Google Chrome


    I know that you can just add the IE Tab addon to get a pseudo print preview from IE, but what the hell is so hard about giving Chrome its own print preview? It's probabably the biggest reason why I haven't crossed over from FF. Now v6 and still not there... :(

    If you want a really great chrome theme,

      Looks horrible. It just doesn't gel at all. It's the same problems a lot of themes have, people just don't understand what colours work together.

        Oh I agree with you kade, that theme is not good at all. Why don't people use subtlety anymore?

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