C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror Eliminates Office Surprises

C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror Eliminates Office Surprises

The web-watching boss, the overly chatty coworker, the kids sneaking into your home office — nobody should have the jump on you while you’re at work. A small convex mirror gives you a better view of who’s about to enter your space.

For those with cubicles or workspaces where people can suddenly materialise behind you, the value of a mirror like this $US8 ThinkGeek model is easy to understand. It attaches with Velcro to the side of your monitor, and the angled and shaped mirrors give you the kind of rearview image you’re used to in your car. But it was a home office worker who suggested this item to us, as it provided him with a view of whichever household member, likely a young one, was about to sneak into his office space and break his concentration.

The C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror goes for $US8 on ThinkGeek. There are certainly other desk-friendly convex mirrors out there, and if you know of one, drop it in the comments. Thanks for the tip, Eric!

C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror [ThinkGeek]


  • This would make you look like a chump. In my office my desk is up against a large window which is particularly reflective which is a bonus because I can see what’s happening behind me. Unfortunately my coworkers find it rude when they start talking to me and I engage them by looking in to their reflection.

  • Only reason I got one of these was because of a boss who would get my attention by directly behind me, peering over my shoulder, until I noticed his stale cigar breath. It’s lowered my workspace creepiness at least 80%!

  • These are fairly common at my workplace now – generic-convex-mirrors stuck to the monitor rather than this specific brand.

    They started because we had some deaf employees who couldn’t tell when somebody came up behind them and started talking. After that, some of the managers with offices decided it was good to tell when somebody was behind them in a doorway…and it grew from there.

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