Beginner’s Guide To DIY Coffee Bean Roasting

Beginner’s Guide To DIY Coffee Bean Roasting

The writers at gadget blog Tested love a good cup of coffee. Today, Tested’s Will Smith walks through how to roast your own coffee beans at home.

As you can see in the video, the trial-and-error process isn’t necessarily perfect, but the results of Smith’s first attempt at home roasting the most popular method of caffeine delivery turn out well in the end, and if you decide to give home roasting a try, there’s plenty you can learn from his experience. His successful attempt requires a hand-crank popcorn popper, a stove burner and a thermometer.

This isn’t the first home-roasting method we’ve seen. We heard a while back that popcorn poppers are capable home roasters, and that you can get a good roast with a soup can and drill. If you’ve tried your hand at home roasting using any method, share your experience — and tips — in the comments.

How To Roast Your Own Coffee Beans at Home [Tested]


  • Also anyone considering roasting your own bean (and you totally SHOULD, it’s EASY, FUN and REWARDING) simply must check out the Aussie CoffeeSnobs community here at

    A finer bunch of friendly helpful coffee folk you will not find anywhere on, or off the interwebs.

    I started home roasting about 6 years ago and will never go back to.. what ever it was I did before… I can’t even remember… maybe my mind is blocking those dark days to protect me 😀

  • I agree with Tim – Coffee Snobs is the best, and home roasting is the only way.

    I have recently bought a Behmor 1600 home roaster for $400, and it’s worth every cent, considering my household goes through 40+ kg of beans per year.

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