Aussies Think Online Customer Service Often Sucks

Aussies Think Online Customer Service Often Sucks

While it can be very convenient, online customer service is often a hit and miss affair. New research suggests that many Australian companies are getting it wrong than right.

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A survey of 700 Australians by customer service software company RightNow found that 30% of those customers had stopped doing business with a company after receiving bad online service. That doesn’t mean they’ve given up on the online world — 80% plan to shop online in the run-up to Christmas and 62% prefer to use online systems — but it does suggest there’s a lot of work to do on the part of companies using Internet systems to provide support.

Which companies have provided you with good service online where there’s been a problem? Share your praise in the comments.


  • My favourite kind of online support is through a web chat interface (like chatzilla), I know smaller companies that use it and it’s great, the person can manage multiple people at the same time and it makes it all so simple and easy.

  • Any site that doesn’t supply their email for customer support but instead has a cue notification and phone number to ring ranks terribly in my books (I’m looking at you Zavvi).

    Also, catch of the day is failing on its arse. Why wouldn’t they upgrade their servers on a day like this?

  • I have heard a lot of people complaining about Catch Of The Day, however, in my experience of using them off and on for about 2 years, I have no complaints what so ever.

    In fact, just last week I had to contact them (via online form) regarding a mistake I had made by not updating my shipping details. This would have resulted in the item going to the wrong place.
    I filled out the online form with an explanation of the error and within about an hour I had received an email saying that shipping address had been changed, and a new invoice was sent to me that reflected those changes.

    Prompt service, which was pretty simple to instigate. Perfect!!

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