Aussie Extensions For Chrome Rounded Up

The arrival of extensions into Chrome was a major step in making it a credible alternative to Firefox. To mark last week's Chrome 6 release, which includes extension syncing, Google's local blog has rounded up some Australia-centric extensions that could prove useful.

The listing includes Australian extension for news, food and travel sites. None of them seem super-compelling (I'm an addicted flyer, for instance, but don't see the Qantas Frequent Flyer extension as being particularly useful given I'm already in a browser), but it's nice to see some local activity around the Chrome experience.

Australian presents for Chrome's birthday [Official Google Australia Blog]


    So is this the new killer app - that's not even an app? Will aussie papers go that way? (Doubt it, no paywall options as yet)
    I have a huff post extension already. I just forget to use it.

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