ATMs Your Bank Will Let You Use For Free

Diving onto the nearest ATM regardless of brand can be tempting when you need cash in a hurry, but you'll invariably end up paying $2 or more for the privilege. Dodge fees with our guide to which ATMs your bank lets you use for nothing.

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The listing below summarises which ATM "networks" you can generally utilise for free with a particular bank's accounts, and how many machines that network offers. Each financial institution is linked to its online ATM finder to help you locate a useful nearby option. (If you're using an unfamiliar ATM, be on the alert for skimmers and other fraudulent devices.)

Note that a bank offering free transactions on its own machines doesn't in itself guarantee that you'll get a fee-free transaction: if your account limits the number of ATM transactions you can make per month, then you'll end up getting slugged if you go over that number. (Even then, using your own bank's ATM will be cheaper than using a rival, since the latter experience will end up hitting you with both foreign withdrawal and excess usage fees.)

Minimising your visits to the automatic teller can be good financial practice: constant visits for top-up money are often symptomatic of broader budget management issues. That said, there seems little point forking over money you can avoid by locating the "right" ATM when you do need to make a withdrawal. Be wary of unbranded ATMs in corner stores, petrol stations and the like, which will generally charge fees no matter what kind of account you have.

ANZ: Can use ANZ ATMs free of charge; claim 2,600 machines.

Bank of Queensland: Can use Bank of Queensland or RediATMs for free; claim 3,500 machines.

BankSA: Can use Westpac, St George and BankSA ATMs free of charge; claim 2,800 machines.

BankWest: Can use Commonwealth and Bankwest ATMs free of charge; claim 4,000 machines.

Bendigo Bank: Can use Bendigo and Suncorp ATMs free of charge; claim 2,000 machines.

Commonwealth Bank: Can use Commonwealth and Bankwest ATMs free of charge; claim 4,000 machines.

NAB: Can use NAB or RediATMs free of charge; claim 3,100 machines.

St George: Can use Westpac, St George and BankSA ATMs free of charge; claim 2,800 machines.

Suncorp Bank: Can use Bendigo and Suncorp ATMs free of charge; claim 2,000 machines.

Westpac: Can use Westpac, St George and BankSA ATMs free of charge; claim 2,800 machines.

Credit unions and building societies: Most utilise the rediATM network, which claims 3,100 machines; check this list to see if your institution is included.

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    Not really an addition but a note- if you're a Commbank/BankWest user, just pop into the nearest 7-Eleven. They have the BankWest atms inside. Its safer, and there's hardly ever a line up.

      "atms inside. Its safer,"

      ATMs inside are not safer.
      can you scan the entire store, and everybody in there, before walking in?
      how many exits are there?
      Is that cleaner mopping the floor, or watching your PIN entry?
      The street front ATMs are the safest, without question.

        You worry too much.

          The trick is to cover the PIN pad with your hand whilst typing it in to avoid cameras or people seeing.

          And walk round with a titanium staff and get trained in a martial art (Tai-Chi has weapon forms that may prove handy). That way people will think you are just crazy and if they end up messing with you then you just kick 10 bells outta them.

    An ATM at a petrol station near where I live the fee has already jumped to $2.50!
    Theyre on the rise already.

    What about Credit Societys? I've been using Police and Nurses Credit Society (PNCS) in WA for about 5 years and they are in my opinion much better than any of the high street banks.

    They run the RediATM network (from memory) so you can take cash out fee-free from them and also the NAB machines.

    Best is open bankwest bankwest zero transaction account and use any major banks ATM for free ANZ,COMM,West Pack,

    Citibank account holders can use Westpac, St.George and BankSA ATM's free of charge.


      Be aware there is an exclusion "Excludes St.George-branded ATMs at BP station outlets throughout Australia".

      Wow, didn't know about St George ATMs! Thanks!

    I'd like to suggest also adding how much each ATM network charges for non-free transactions..
    E.g. NAB charges $1.50 for non NAB cards, whereas most others charge $2.

    ING Direct users can use any ATMS free of charge, provided more than $200 is withdrawn in one transcation.

      Or combined with the right home loan product you can withdraw any amount at any ATM. Wow that must be more than 10,000 machines!

    Rob - Thanks for the Citibank information. In the past I could use any ATM, I didn't realise we still had FREE options with the new charges. Much appreciated

    +1 vote for bankwest zero transaction. Not only do they let you use many atms for free, but others they will actually PAY the transaction fee for you.

    I'm with Resources Credit Union and can use the RediATM network as well as NAB ATMs.

    NAB and RediATM are one and the same network now - Credit Unions that use RediATM can also use NAB and vice versa.
    It's also worth nothing that whilst you don't pay a direct charge, some accounts charge you an excess ATM fee if you rack up a certain number of (even within-network) transactions in a month.

    ING Everyday accounts can use all atms for free as long as you withdraw over $200. Or you could just get cashout from Coles or Woolworths. In fact they pay you $20 the first time you get cashout from Eftpos.

    While not free, ME Bank account holders can use Westpac, St George and BankSA ATMs (as well as ME Bank ATMs if you can find them) for $1.00 fee rather than the $2 or more at other ATMs (but note the fine print says except at BP Petrol Stations for St George and BankSA)

    Bankwest hero account pays interest on the account balance and has free ATM use at Bankwest/CBA. I get about $9 per month in interest instead of the account keeping charge I used to get from my previous bank.

    HSBC card holders can use St. George, BankSA and Westpac ATM without incurring fees.

    Also, there are no charges for using EFTPOS. So if you're short on cash, you can get cash out at any counter without any surcharges on the withdrawal.

    That looks like the CommBank in Cabramatta.

    Heritage Building Society will allow you to use any Westpac or St George ATM for free, nationwide.

    Bank West has changed -

    10,000 ATMs are free - Bank West, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, NAB, ANZ

    ING Direct - Deposit $1000 a month to get free ATMs in Australia.

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