Ask Lifehacker: Planning Your Weekend Activities Online

Ask Lifehacker: Planning Your Weekend Activities Online

Dear Lifehacker,

My group of mates always catch up for movies and dinner on the weekend. The problem we find is once we catch up, we lose a lot of time deciding where to go and what movie to rent. Is there any online tool (like Lunchwalla) that could help us co-ordinate which movie and restaurant during the week so when we catch up we have everything sorted?


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Dear Mario,

There’s no immediate dedicated site that springs to mind to solve this problem (though I’m sure readers will pop up with any suitable suggestions). Obviously you could use any chat client or social networking tool to have pre-weekend discussions, but those won’t have specific movie or dining features. Google Wave’s non-real-time interaction might also have been useful, had Google not decided to can it.

That said, I’m not sure that any application is necessarily going to make the task much easier. As anyone who has ever stood in a video store arguing over what to hire will know, getting a group of people to agree on a common goal can be a tricky process. Doing that in advance might save a little time, but the arguments will still happen — and if one person doesn’t log into your personal version of Moviewalla, they’ll still happen on the weekend as well. Learning how to be more persuasive might be a better bet.



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