Album Reminder Keeps Track Of Your Favourite Artists So You Don't Have To

Free web service Album Reminder imports your favourite music artists from iTunes and, and notifies you via email or RSS feed when they come out with new music.

No matter how much of a music junkie you are, it can be difficult to keep track of all your favourite bands and when they have new releases. Album Reminder puts all that information into one place, letting you import artists through iTunes and, and notifying you when new albums come out.

By default, it will notify you via email, though you can turn off this setting in your account preferences and choose RSS instead. You can also manually add and remove artists for your list after importing, so you don't accidentally get artists that you don't want. The site itself is pretty minimal, but it's a mighty convenient way to stay up on who's releasing new music, and the addition of an RSS option (instead of annoying email spam) really makes the service more attractive. Hit the link to check it out.

Album Reminder


    For those using iTunes, there is a similar alternative called iConcertCal. It is a plugin, for windows and mac, that integrates into iTunes.

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