Acer Offers Five New Android Models

There's no shortage of Android phones on sale in Australia, but that doesn't mean new choices aren't welcome. Acer has rather dramatically increased the range of choices on offer, with five new Android-based models going on sale this month.

Over at Gizmodo, Elly has a full round-up of the new models, including specs and prices. There's no word yet on carrier deals for the phones or exact availability dates, but if you're planning an outright buy for your next Android device, the former isn't necessarily a problem. My pick of the bunch is the not-too-expensive Stream, if only because it runs Android 2.1, which is nowhere near as common as it should be on locally-released Android phones despite not even being the newest version any more.

Acer Launches New Range Of Android Smartphones, Sort Of [Gizmodo]


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