Who2Call Tracks Phone Contacts On 3 And Vodafone

Vodafone and 3 offer free calls to other users on the same network for many contract cap customers. The Who2Call application lets you know who in your phone contacts uses Vodafone or 3, meaning you can call them without charge if you're on a suitable plan.

It's a simple idea, but a potentially useful one if you do have a large contact list and can't remember who might qualify for charge-free calls. Who2Call is a free download for iPhone and Android phones. Note that while the calls may be free, the data used to update the application (which happens by default once a week) will come out of your data allowance.




    Note - the 3 website will tell you to sms a number to download. Don't bother. They link they send just points to the Marketplace (Android) anyway. What a waste of time! Just tell people to go to the Marketplace, rather than messaging a number!

    That said, I'm looking forward to getting some use out of the app.

    It's a great idea but not very reliable. Of 200+ contacts in my phone it only recognised 8 as being on Voda/3. At least 5 people who I know to be on Voda did not show up. Great idea, needs work.

    I'm loving it - I didn't realise how many of my friends were on Vodafone/3...

    Does this actually perform looks up or just class the mobile range as originally owned by the carrier?

      The weekly updates suggest look-ups. (The FAQ also notes you can complain if you get charged for a call based on information provided by the app.)

    I don't like the idea of my number being in a searchable database that they are giving out. :|

      My impression was that it matches numbers already in your contact list, so the app user already knows your number in any case -- it's not giving out numbers for people.

      i don't like the idea of people knowing which company i choose to be with without my concent..

        They can already tell.

        All they would have to do is look at their last phone bill - and it would already be classified.

        e.g. I'm a vodafone customer. I can look at my categories of V23 & V2V to see who is a 3 or voda customer.

    3 at Warringah Mall tell me that only 3 users who contracted after March this year get the free calls to Voda.

    Great app, works well. I wish Vodafone would do an app to lookup the account balances/usage - rather than having to (slowly) log in their accounts web page.

    I noticed this App only recognises mobile numbers starting with Zero. I hope they update the app to also recognise numbers with +61, which is the great majority on my Contact List.

      +61 works fine. Now i look closely, brackets and/or dashes seem to have issue ie: (04)01-123-456. Spaces seem ok.

    I bought a HTC Legend from Vodafone with it on and never used it. Then the phone updated and now I get spam messages and you have won rubbish. As far as I can see it is bloatware and it useless if you are on an unlimited plan.
    If you have one of these plans DO NOT GET IT...

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