What Physical 'Stuff' Can't You Bring Yourself To Leave For Digital Counterparts?

We recently laid out a step-by-step guide to digitising your life, but for some of us, the choice to go digital isn't just about whether we can; it's whether we want to. So we're wondering: what are your analogue hold-outs?

The BBC published an article today examining the idea of "living out of a hard drive", in which a couple of digital early adopters discuss how they've ditched their physical stuff for digitised alternatives. Apart from the gimmicky "I don't even need a home anymore" aspect, it does drive home the point that a lot of traditionally well loved but bulky physical things have been matched nicely in the digital realm. What the article doesn't really address is when and why some of us still choose physical objects over digital alternatives, so that's what we'd like to hear about.

What physical things do you still prefer over their digital counterparts? Why? If the problem is that the digital version isn't quite up to snuff yet compared to the physical one, what would it take to get there?

Cult of less: Living out of a hard drive [BBC]


    Maps - Digital ones are OK for getting to a specific point, but they're crap for planning routes and will remain so until I can get an A3+ sized screen with decent resolution that neatly folds into a pocket sized form factor when not required.
    Pico projectors could be an answer here.


    You can't collect digital downloads!

    Keyboards - gottahave the clack clack under my fingers to know I'm actually typing and just htting dead screen space ;)

    My Diary I have everything in my moleskine diary that i got for a dollar in the middle in the year after my old diary broke

    It has to do lists, important dates, everything!

    CDs I like having the ability to rip lossless music onto my computer and not having to worry about backing up 100's of GBs of music.

    You can pry my film SLR from my cold, dead hands. I do shoot with digital as well, mostly for casual things. But I love the old-style film process, and the results still look better to my eye.

    Also, even though I've been using an e-reader for a while, I envision myself still buying the occasional hardcover book. Digital editions are so much more portable and convenient, but there's something special about curling up with a good heavy tome.

    Sex. ROFL.. and food. I think people who want to digitise their life should also not forget that there is such thing as reality.

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