W7 Theme For Ubuntu Brings Windows 7’s Familiar GUI To Linux

W7 Theme For Ubuntu Brings Windows 7’s Familiar GUI To Linux

Linux: Last week, we shared a program that makes your Windows machine look like OS X, and today we feature a similar method to change your Linux GUI to a more familiar Windows interface.

Click on the image for a closer look.

Linux has a highly configurable GUI, but if you long for the more well-known Windows interface, this script will do a remarkably good job of making Ubuntu look like Windows 7. You can download either a GNOME and KDE version, as well as one of a few Firefox themes to make your browser look more Windows-y too.

You’ll need to do a bit of Terminal work to install the theme, though if your copy and paste skills are up to snuff, you should be fine. It’s pretty handy if, say, you have a relative who needs to use Linux but is confused by the interface (or you just really, really like Aero Glass). The only downside is that there’s no easy uninstall procedure at the moment—so make a backup before you install it in case you decide you want to switch back.

W7 Theme [Maties Ubuntu via #tips]


      • Except windows 7 wouldn’t be familiar to them anyway. Really it is not age which creates a problem with using a UI. Half an hour of thoughtful training will get anyone up to speed – and honestly the Ubuntu interface (as a popular example) is, if anything, even more obvious than Win7.
        It really is a misunderstanding of how people relate to an interface, and ageist as well, to aim this as an age issue.
        Having said that – this is a lame idea.

      • to “Citizen Charles” I’m curious why you’d think that W7 wouldn’t be familiar? XP & Vista have similar themes and I’m asuming they probably would have used one of those! I’ve been using Windows for over 15 years and have dabbled with linux based OS’s and find that my family are very confused by it!!

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