Vodafone, 3 Increase Data Allowances On Contract Phone Plans

Vodafone, 3 Increase Data Allowances On Contract Phone Plans

A perennial complaint amongst smartphone users is that the data allowances are often stingy, but the market is gradually realising that downloads can matter just as much as voice allowances, especially if you’re planning to tether. Vodafone and 3 have slightly eased the pain for contract phone owners, increasing data allowances across its range of phone caps.

The full changes are detailed in the chart above. The $59 cap in this table is a $10-off promo version of the existing $69 cap, and will be sold at that price until November 25.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Telstra increase data allowances for smart phone users as well, so this is a welcome trend.



  • Caveat Emptor: The actual call costs on the new 3 plans are about three times what they were 18 months ago… From 35c to 90c / 30 seconds.

    Data allowance good, call cost abuse bad.

    • The press release says the deal is for “new and upgrading customers” — so existing customers will only get the option if they move to a higher-priced plan, I’d assume.

  • For me, the data allowance is everything. I didn’t buy my mobile to make calls. To get a decent data allowance when I signed up a year ago, I had to sign up for a plan that gives me $364 worth of calls each month. I use less than 5% of that, and would have been happy with a plan that gave me no included calls at all.

    • significance, there are plans available that have no included voice calls but allow outgoing calls and have data bundled.

      Think Mobile‘s 1GB data plan allows you to make calls at 12¢/30s.

      Apparently Telstra mobile customers may also have a similar offer available, in the guise of a $0 voice plan with certain broadband bundles.

  • Existing customers get stooged again.

    I’m on a $69 contract with an iPhone 3Gs. I get 363.64 worth in cap inclusions, 1GB of data, and I’m locked in until December 2011.

    I’ve been with Vodafone since 2007 and I don’t get the advantage of free calls to 3 customers.

    Now the $49 cap offers $450 in cap inclusions, and 1.5 gb in data, and the $59 cap offers almost double what I get now, and free calls to 3 customers.

    It’s pretty frustrating that the equivalent plan is $10 cheaper and represents around double the value after only eight months, and existing customers won’t see an increase in cap inclusions/data or possibly even free calls to 3 customers.

      • Sim you should be able to change it no problems. The only thing is you won’t be able to drop the plan down to the $49 without incurring costs, but the switch to the new $69 caps is an easy thing to do. I work in a Voda store in Melbourne and do it just about every shift for someone.

        Don’t bother with Customer Care for things like that, they are useless. Only time we pass people on to them is if it involves money/accounts because we don’t get access to that stuff.

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