Use Unshelled Peanuts To Stop Food-Shuffling During Transportation

We're heading into picnic season, which means inevitable bruising, spilling and other disasters that plague motion-sensitive foods. Home-centric blog Re-Nest says you can keep your food safe with some unshelled peanuts.

Whether you're going on a picnic or not, trying to transport more fragile foods can seem like a losing battle. However, just like you would use packing peanuts to ship a delicate package, you can use real peanuts to protect your food. Just make sure they're unshelled and unsalted (there's nothing like biting into a salty apple). And, come picnic day, be sure to check out how to keep your food clean and dry.

Hot Tips: Keep Picnic Foods Safe With Unshelled Peanuts [Re-Nest]


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