Use Prepaid Travel Cards To Budget Travel Expenses

Holidays are a time to let loose and have a little fun. It's all too easy, however, to let having a little fun turn into spending way too much. Use prepaid travel cards to keep spending contained, secure and in budget.

Finance and frugality blog WiseBread shares a set of tips on using prepaid travel cards for safe, secure and budget-friendly travel spending.

A prepaid travel card is generally usable in the place of a debit or credit card. You can withdraw cash at an ATM, pay for purchases, and make travel reservations. And as the name suggests, you prepay these expenses by loading money onto the card.

It is just as secure as a debit or credit card, since the prepaid travel card is protected by a PIN and/or signature. In fact, some would say that prepaid travel cards are even more secure, since the money is not linked to your bank account and has a limited balance (which limits your exposure).

It can also be a handy tool for budgeting, since you would load only the money you plan on spending for the trip onto the card, which helps you stick to your travel budget.

Check out the full article at the link below for additional tips and tricks including what to look for when shopping for a card like avoiding cards with a cash-out fee. Have your own tips for keeping your money secure and sticking to a budget while travelling? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Travel and Money: Using Prepaid Travel Cards [WiseBread]


    The Travelex Cards are worse than a waste of money.

    1. Only available in a single currency, and you're not allowed multiple cards for multiple currencies (eg GBP and EUR)

    2. penalties for withdrawals

    3. not even accepted by Travelex's own ATMs

    4. hardly accepted by any vendors ( couldn't for instance find a single merchant at Heathrow who would accept one ).

    Get a Wizard Clear Advantage Credit Card. It has no international fees for purchases or cash advances (withdrawals). No fees for cash advances is only if your card has been put into credit, which is the same as getting a travel card - you just send money to it.

    Works great, i've just used it on two trips, one across Europe and a quick snowboard trip to NZ.

    A big handy thread on FF:

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