Use JailbreakMe To One-Click Jailbreak Your iOS 4.x Device

Use JailbreakMe To One-Click Jailbreak Your iOS 4.x Device

If you’ve chalked jailbreaking your iOS device up as too complicated, JailbreakMe is for you. Simply visit JailbreakMe with your iOS device’s browser and enjoy hassle-free one-click jailbreaking.

If you’re a long time iOS device owner you might remember JailbreakMe from a short-lived stint as a simple web-based jailbreaking tool back in the early days of the iPhone. Apple dropped the legal hammer on their head, but thanks to the recent ruling about the legality of jailbreaking the site is up and running again.

Using the service to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or other iOS-driven devices is as simple as visiting the link below and swiping the slide-lock style interface at the bottom of the page. For additional information and a few tips on tweaking settings after you jailbreak your devices, make sure to check out their Twitter account here. Have a favourite tool or new use for a jailbroken iOS device? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

JailbreakMe [via The Unoffcial Apple Weblog]


  • Does this jailbreak mean you’re susceptible to the ssh worm just like most other jailbreaks? Or, because it doesn’t install openSSH, you’re immune to ssh worms?

    • The ssh worm was there because cydia used to install the ssh package by default. It had nothing to do with the actual jailbreak.

      Also why are you worrying about the ssh worm. With this exploit any website can do anything to your device without permission jailbroken or not. Your actually safer when your jailbroken because you can then block the exploit.

  • I have a question. Is the JailbreakMe 3.0 for 4.2.1 free? Because I tried and it makes me go to paypal and pay $5 for the jailbreak. I thought it was supposed to be free? Can someone please help me? I think it is just a scam website. But I have no idea. Please help?

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