Use Glasses As An Impromptu Smart Phone Stand

Don't worry about stuffing a dedicated media stand into your bag or cobbling together a DIY stand from parts you scavenge at the office. This simple hack repurposes your glasses as a simple smart phone stand.

This hack works best with sunglasses or prescription glasses for the nearsighted — farsighted people, of course, need their glasses to see the media player screen clearly. All you do is lay the glasses upside down with the temple pieces curve-up, open the temple pieces slightly and rest the smart phone on them. You'll need to adjust them to get the temple pieces out of the way of the screen. The texture and curve of the temple pieces on most glasses is just right for propping the phone up. Check out our test run in the photo above — we used cheap sunglasses — and reader Nathan Dufault's setup in the photo below.

Have a clever smart phone stand to share? Let's hear about it in the comments. Thanks Nathan!


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