Use Cotton Strips For No-Fuss Houseplant Watering

If you'd like to keep your houseplants well-watered despite vacation plans or forgetfulness you'd be hard pressed to find a simpler solution than this DIY, no fuss, no electricity needed, watering system.

Most of the time when we come across an automatic plant watering system it involves hoses, pumps, and microchips. This DIY watering system involves nothing more than a bowl of water and a couple of strips of cotton cloth. Crafting and DIY blog Craftzine shares a simple design for a self-watering planter.

Their design and its variation rely on the capillary action of cotton cloth. Bury a length of cotton cloth in the soil around your plant, coil it gently around the base of the plant, and then drape it into a large bowl of water. As long as the bowl is slightly elevated above the surface of the plant's pot it will slowly wick water down to the roots. The second method involves feeding the cotton cloth into a bowl that is just slightly larger than your plant's pot and nesting the plant pot into the watering bowl, again using a wick. This method will wick water more slowly and isn't an effective solution for watering multiple plants.

Check out the full article at the link below for additional photos and tips. Have a clever way to keep your plants well watered? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Create a Simple Houseplant Wicking System [Craftzine via Tipnut]


    This tip is going to save the lives of many plants...

    I only wish I found it earlier. So many lives could have been saved... So many lives...

    I'm still trying to work out why I keep wanting plants in my house when I know it can only end badly...perhaps this will help break the cycle...

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