Use A Wood Plank To Easily Move Heavy Boxes

We've given you a lot of moving tips, but it doesn't get much simpler than this. Blogger Mike Figueroa realised he could cut out a lot of heavy box carrying by sliding them down a wooden plank.

Obviously, you wouldn't want to do this for anything fragile, but for those heavy boxes filled with, say, books, you can just make a simple ramp on the stairs and slide them down. Now if only there were something as simple for moving boxes back up stairs. Check out the video for a demonstration, and share your favourite moving tips in the comments.

Advanced Moving Techniques [Mike Figueroa via Make]


    Whitson - thanks for re-posting. I have the fever for this kind of stuff now, and now that I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building I have all sorts of wild ideas for moving things down AND up. Hopefully I'll have a chance to implement some soon.

    Cheers to the best around!

    Sometimes the solutions to our predicaments come in small packages. In this case, it is the usage of a simple plank which could be purchased for a really nominal fee or gotten free at a woodcraft store, to move heavy boxes with so much more ease. We have to think out of the box sometimes instead of fully relying on modern methods like a jack or even a forklift.

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