Use A Post-It Note For Easy Post-Drilling Cleanup

When drilling a vertical surface, you always end up with a scattered mess of dust and shavings on the ground. Use a Post-It note to catch the mess and make cleanup a snap.

Lifehacker reader cking777 shares a simple but effective use for Post-It notes, catching the dust from drywall drilling. Fold the Post-It, stick the L shaped note under the spot you'll be drilling, and then carefully remove and throw it away to dispose of all the messy dust and shavings.

For another clever way to contain the mess of drilling, check out how to use an old DVD spindle to control the spray of shavings from a paddle bit. Have your own tip for easy post-DIY cleanup? Let's hear about it in the comments. Thanks cking777!


    Genius!!! Why oh why had i not thought of that in my house :(

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