Use A Keyboard Shortcut To Wrap Text In Excel

I have been known to complain about how keyboard shortcuts in Excel got fiddlier when the Ribbon arrived, but occasionally this makes things easier. The Excel 2010 blog points out that you can access the wrap text option by typing Alt-H-W — much simpler than the route I used to use of typing Ctrl-1, navigating to the appropriate tab and then typing Alt-W. [Excel 2010 Blog]


    I seriously dislike wrapped text in excel.
    It's a spreadsheet, gaddammit.
    If you're going to write an essay use word, notepad or textedit.


      A simple but compelling use case for wrapped text: making sure column headings aren't radically wider than the typical cell content.

    It's a bit closed minded to think that Excel is used only for Spreadsheets.

    I find it to be one of the most capable document management programs when it comes to executive reports and analysis...

    On the Mac, use control-option enter.

      control+option+enter is not happening to reach wrap text in 13 inch retina mbp late 2013. is there any other shortcut for 'wrap text' in excel ?

        In tool tabs on the top Go to customised keyboard and change, it will be under categories "format". Hope this helps

      FYI: Ctrl-option-enter provides a "carriage return" on that specific line of text. Different from applying "wrap text" to the whole cell or a series of cells.

    Alt - H - W works to wrap the text but then whats the shortcut to format the cell to auto fit row height?

    Word's Tables just don't cut it for form creation, not too mention Access being a bit much for a simple database. I spend 80% of my time in Excel and rarely if ever for typical spreadsheet functions.

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