Top 10 Tools For Managing And Automating Your Media Downloads

Top 10 Tools For Managing And Automating Your Media Downloads

You’re handy with BitTorrent, you’ve learned your way around Usenet and you have all kinds of files streaming onto your hard drive. Learn how to automatically unpack, rename, convert and otherwise make your media ready for viewing with these 10 helper apps.

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Note: Both BitTorrent and Usenet, referenced throughout this list, can be used to trade free media but have also been used to download copyright works. We leave the decision on how to best use download networks and come to an understanding of how content creators are compensated to the individual user.

10. Master Your Browser Downloading With DownThemAll And Automatic Save Folder

DownThemAllAutomatic Save FolderDownload AllAutomatic Save Folder

9. Skip The Waiting On File Sharing Sites With JDownloader

JDownloaderOriginal post


8. Clean Up Your Downloaded Music With TuneUp

TuneUpOriginal post

7. Clean Out Your Old Downloads With Belvedere

Belvederedetail an example system with an auto-cleaning downloads folderHazel

6. Control Your Torrents From Anywhere With uTorrent’s Web Interface

Original post




5. Manually Rename Your Files

TVRenameThe RenamerAutomatically Organise Your Downloaded, *Ahem*, TV ShowsSet Up A Fully Automated Media Centre


4. Automate HandBrake Conversions With DropFolders

When it comes to converting videos and ripping DVDs for use in compatible formats or different devices, HandBrake is king. Want to make HandBrake automatically watch your folders for certain files and get them ready for your iPod touch, Android phone or other device? You could master its command line, or try DropFolders, a nifty app for Adobe’s AIR platform that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. DropFolders quietly watches specific folders in the background for new goods. When it finds something, it automatically runs a preset conversion rule on the file and drops the results wherever you’d like. It’s like having concierge service for your incoming files. (Original post)

3. BitTorrent New TV Episdodes Right After Air Time with TED


2. Grab New Usenet Stuff With Sick Beard

Sick BeardonlyHow To Get Started With Usenet In Three Simple Steps

1. Recognise And Organise Movies with Ember Media Manager

Ember Media ManagerSet Up A Fully Automated Media CentreTurbo Charge Your New XBMC Installation

What’s the one app that makes your download life terribly easy? How do you clean up the files you’ve got, and only grab the files you need? Trade your tips in the comments.


  • If you’re looking to control your torrents remotely, check out the Android app ‘TransDroid’. It turns pretty much any torrent client that supports RPC into a uTorrent-esque interface.

    I’m running it on my Samsung i7500 Galaxy and it connects happily to my rtorrent (text-only) client running on a Ubuntu box at home. Nothing like being able to check torrents on the run from a widget, and add new torrents from within the app to automagically start at home to be ready by the time you get back!

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