Tiny Workspaces: The Black Hole Home Office

Spacious spare rooms to devote entirely as home offices are in short supply. Closets, while still a luxury in many urban locales, are easier to come by. Today's featured workspace is one of the most well-appointed closet workspaces we've peeked into.

Gregory Han, Unplggd contributing writer and Lifehacker reader, recently moved and left behind a nice big home office. His home office now is a closet but, in the defence of closet offices, not just any closet. It's well decorated with a gorgeous dark palette and an Art Deco/movie glamour vibe. Most people would never be brave enough to paint an already tiny space like a 1.8mx1m closet black but the combination of white desk surfaces and some really bold light fixtures make this space one to envy.

Check out the gallery below to get a look at the contents of the Black Hole Home Office and then visit the link at the bottom of this post to check out the full — and quite detailed — tour at Unplggd.

The Black Hole Home Office [Unpluggd via Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    What are the speakers in picture 2? I must have them.

      Harman-Kardon GLA-55. A cool $1k. I'm sure the speakers are worth the cost if you're listening to them in a cupboard.

    I love the black, textured wall! Geeky AND understated! :P

    I'm not sure the overall effect is geeky at all.

    It's very tasteful and I like it, but if it were mine it'd be like that for about two days before it was swamped by the clutter-wave. I can't be that neat.

      That's what I meant... It's not obnoxiously geeky, but the tetris inspired wall, the comics up the top and the microscope are a dead giveaway :P

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