This Aldi Discount Hard Drive Has Half The Capacity

Last week, Aldi offered a 1TB own-brand Medion external hard drive for $79. Next week (August 12), it also has a discounted drive for $79, but this time the capacity on offer is a not-measly-but-less-impressive 500GB. Just shows that with bargains, timing can be everything. [ via OzBargain]


    Ummm... You don't think that it might be something to do with format? I'm pretty sure that this one is a 2.5" drive.

    One is a 2.5 inch external HDD the other is 3.5. Hardly comparable?!

    Timing is everything but relying on a hard drive alone is not a great backup strategy. there are plenty of affordable online options that will automate backup for you.

    $79 for 1TB, great price. I am sure it will come around again.

    1TB was 3.5" (and thus required power), the 500g is 2.5".

    Anyone selling a 2.5" 1TB HD for that cheap would have to be joking.

    IF you have a look properly you would notice that the 1TB was a 3.5" and the 500GB is 2.5"

    Chalk & cheese Angus, the drive for sale this week is 2.5" and USB powered, rather than 3.5" and powered via mains. This is still a very good deal for a smaller drive.

    I think you'll find that the deal last week was for a 3.5" HDD and this weeks is for a 2.5".

    Thats because last week it was a 3.5" hdd inside, which has a much larger enclosure, and requires a 240v power source, this week, its a much smaller pocket drive that gets its power from usb. Personally id much rather the 500gb pocket drive than the bigger 1tb drive.

      Thanks everyone for the clarification!

    Last $79 one is big 3.5' 1TB, now it's 2.5' 500GB, what's wrong with it?

    Or it "shows that with bargains" you should probably read the details a bit more closely: The 1TB model was a 3.5" drive [1] whereas the 500GB is an USB powered 2.5" drive [2] so the price difference is in portability, etc.


    I think if you checked, the drive last week was a power hdd, this week its USB only and probably smaller and more portable.
    not the same,,, except for the brand and location.

    The 1TB was a 3.5 in that req'd a power supply, the 500gB is 2.5" and USB powered. Depends which you prefer I guess the more capacity or more portability...

    christ almighty - doesn't anyone read the comments before they post their own? 11/13 comments are all saying the same thing!!! or do people seriously read the comments above them and think they can pass their content off as their own?! sheesh.

      I'd have thought that it was more to do with comments not appearing until 'moderated'? A lot of people seem to have pointed out the research oops in a short period of time. We're a thorough bunch. ;-))

      I was the first Matt to reply, and when I posted my comment, none of the others were visible. Angus' comment approval cycle is a little slow, I think.

      Settle. When I posted mine the six previous comments were not there.

      @Shayne It's likely because when each of us commented the other comments were "awaiting moderation". When I started writing my comment there were no others and almost as soon as I posted a whole bunch appeared saying the same thing. I expect it'll happen again as I post this one...

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