Telstra Signing Up 50,000 Next G Broadband Users A Month

Back in February, Telstra had 1.3 million users of Next G wireless broadband. In its latest results announcement, that number has grown to 1.6 million — meaning 50,000 customers are signing up every month.

As we never tire of pointing out, Next G offers the best wireless broadband coverage in the country, but that also comes at a high price, whether you choose prepaid or contract options. It's certainly paying off for Telstra; while mobile data usage grew by 21.7% in the last six months, revenues from mobile data were up 34%. Hopefully recent steps such as the drop in prices for prepaid USB dongles will be reflected in further price cuts eventually.


    Hmmm, for those of us who live in the country (rural) or near an over subscribed exchange, wireless is the only broadband we have access to.

    I just wish they'd increase the quota limit. 10GB/month is too small. (too bloody expensive as well).

    I wonder if telstra are padding these numbers with nextG mobile/smartphone users?

      I don't think so - they report mobile subscribers and wireless broadband subscribers as separate numbers.

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