TechLines: Blog Your Way To Fame And A Ticket

Last week we asked for your best ways to improve office communications as input for our upcoming Techlines video event . If a single comment field isn't enough to contain your thoughts, we're also looking for the best blog entries on a similar theme: what would you do to improve email?

While there's often chatter about how email has been supplanted by IM/Facebook/texting/whatever, it remains a crucial business tool for most people. And while modern email clients offer easy integration to many of those other systems, there's always room for improvement.

So if you've got the urge to explain how you'd fix up email (or you've covered that topic recently on your blog), share a link in the comments below. As well as giving you a platform to share your thoughts with Lifehacker's audience, you could score a ticket to the TechLines event itself.


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