Take.fm Is An Extremely Polished Movie Torrent Indexer

While most popular torrent sites are trackers with a more minimalist search engine, newcomer Take.fm takes a different approach, focusing on the searching, browsing and community aspect of BitTorrent.

Take.fm doesn't host their own tracker; they merely provide an index for users to download and share high-quality movie torrents. Everything is verified by the site's members, so instead of wading through a bunch of low-quality torrents on an ugly, overloaded search engine, you get the best experience possible.

You can browse movies by genre, latest uploaded and what's popular, and you get a ton of information on the torrent you're downloading, which is helpful. On top of that, you get a ton of information on the movie — like plot summaries, casts, reviews and similar movies. It's not so much the features that separate it from other indexes — most of them have similar browsing capabilities — it's more the clean, polished look of the site (apart from the sometimes annoying ads). Hit the link to check it out.

Take.fm [via TorrentFreak]


    Why aren't there sites of this quality for usenet?

    no HD rips kills this site for me.

    don't know what you're talking about @Buckaroo Banzai - I can find plenty of HD rips on here

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