Stream Audio To Your Airport Express Speakers In Linux

If you dual boot OS X and Linux (or you just think Apple's AirPort Express is awesome), you may be looking for a way to stream music wirelessly through your house with Linux. How-to blog MakeUseOf shows us how.

We've featured a Mac program called RaopX that streams non-iTunes audio through AirTunes, but that program is actually based of a Linux protocol called raop (remote audio output protocol). MakeUseOf shows how to install raop for Linux and, with a little bit of set-up, add your AirPort Express as an audio output device in your Sound preferences. It actually involves very little Terminal work, so even if you're a Mac user just dabbling in Linux, you shouldn't have too much trouble setting it all up. Hit the link for more details.

How TO Use Apple's AirTunes in Ubuntu/Linux [MakeUseOf]


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