Sprint Anycom Receiver Wirelessly Connects Bluetooth Devices To iPod Speaker Dock

Whether you've moved on from your iDevice to something else or you just want to be able to change the tunes from far away, this super cheap Bluetooth receiver will dramatically increase the usefulness of your iPod speakers.

We're not partial to unitaskers here at Lifehacker, and the slew of popular iPod speaker docks are no exception. While they're mighty convenient for your iDevice with a dock connector, they're less so for your other media players and smartphones, especially if they don't have an auxiliary jack. The Sprint Anycom FIPO Bluetooth Stereo Receiver, apart from having a ridiculously long name, is a $US20 adaptor that plugs into your iPod speakers and makes them wirelessly compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled audio player.

That means your iPhone, second or third generation iPod touch, Android phone, BlackBerry and even laptop can pair with it and play music into the speakers. Sure, the audio quality may not be audiophile-approved, but it's not like it's a $US1000 stereo — it's an iPod speaker dock, and $US20 for wireless, anything-compatible music playing is hard to turn down. Hit the link to check it out.

Sprint Anycom FIPO Bluetooth v2.0 Stereo Receiver w/Dock Connector for iPod Speakers [via Unplggd]


    is this available in aus?

      I too would like to know if this is available in Australia, or a similar product? Or how much to ship to Melbourne? Ta!

        Big W have them for sale - bit dearer though at around $38 i think if remember correctly

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