Snap Send Solve Sends Reports To Local Councils From Your iPhone

Out for a walk and spot a litter problem, an overflowing drain or another problem the local council should fix? iPhone app Snap Send Solve uses your GPS coordinates to determine which council is responsible, and then lets you send an email report direct to the relevant party.

You can optionally attach a photograph of the issue as well if you wish. The app doesn't guarantee anything will get done about the problem, but it's more efficient than trying to remember to make a phone call when you get home.

Not running with the iDevice crowd? Neat Streets, which we featured earlier this year, offers a similar concept for Android users (though its promise to release a BlackBerry version doesn't seem to have yet materialised).

Snap Send Solve is a free app for iPhone users.

Snap Send Solve


    can i send them about illegal parking as well?

    I think Neat Streets also does an iPhone app, not just Android. Although I get the feeling they may be on a development hiatus... haven't seen an update for a bit over a month now.

      I have neatstreets on my android.

    Stirling City Council Perth WA. Highgate area.

    Can write letters, make Police complaints and still not get anything done about abandoned buildings with the associated crime. FAIL. Maybe an app will do something.

    Nice app. Great idea and pretty well integrated. Sadly, it fails everytime to find my location on an iPhone 4G. Don't know if this is a problem on other platforms but it's a disappointing let down.

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