SmartBar Combines The Best Android Utilities Into One Menu Bar App

Android: There are a lot of popular utilities for Android, from task killers, app switchers and beyond. Smartbar combines multiple useful utilities into one simple app and puts them in your menu bar for quick access.

Arguments against task killers aside, there are still a ton of cool features in this app. You can enable any combination of utilities and put them right in the menu bar for quick access from any screen. If you'd rather not clutter up your menu bar, of course, you can just put the main menu in your menu bar (thereafter choosing your utility), or even invoke the menu with the physical camera or search buttons on your phone. It has utilities for task killing, searching, showing recent or favourite apps, the application manager, and even an option for launching any other app you want from the menu bar or with the aforementioned phone buttons.

Possibly the coolest feature though, is the "Quick Settings" window, which is essentially a more advanced version of the Power Control widget. You can toggle Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, brightness, 3G/2G, auto sync, auto rotation, aeroplane mode and other useful options. It also shows you your battery life in percentages, free space on your hard drive and SD card, and number of apps installed. If you ever wanted quick access to something on your phone, chances are SmartBar has multiple ways to provide it.

SmartBar is a free download for Android devices. Thanks, Palak!



    Is this 2.0+ only? The market link doesn't work, I haven't been able to google an APK and the link for the developer's page on AndroidZoom is a redirect to some Vietnamese spam.


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