Skip Ads On YouTube By Refreshing The Page

Whether you don't have the time or just can't stand to sit through another ad before your YouTube video loads, reader DannyBR points out a simple solution.

If you ever want to skip a commercial on YouTube when a video starts, refresh the page and the video will start. I always do this 1 to 2 seconds into the ad and it doesn't play again.

It's not a brand new trick, but definitely a potential time and sanity saver.


    This is bizarre, i'm using firefox with Noscript and adblock plus. I have NEVER EVER seen an ad on youtube. Not even on VEVO's channels.

      i use IE8 and have never seen one either, but have seen them on other sites embedding videos..

      I've not seen one either! Maybe it depends on where you live and what kind of videos you watch...

        You guys are the victim, of Australia's Internet Filtering.

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