Show The Day's Date In The New Google Calendar Favicon With A User Script

Google Calendar recently updated their favicon to a calendar page with a number on it, though the number doesn't change. With a simple user script, though, you can make it display the current date.

It's a small change, but pretty useful if you make use of, say, Google Chrome's app tabs. We've already mentioned ways to make favicons more useful for Gmail and Reader, and now Google Calendar's icon gets a bit more useful too (favicons, for those that don't know, are the small icons that appear next to a web page's address in the address bar — such as the "lh" next to Lifehacker's address). Just download the script and install it in your browser of choice (Firefox users will need the Greasemonkey extension to do so).

Google Calendar Dynamic Icon



    Please add to better gcal.

    Cheers, mate!

    I made a chrome theme if you want to use it =D

    Experimenting with this extension it doesn't appear to work for me, but only if you utilize "httpS://". I reckon it is more secure and all that jazz, but really, who goes through https:// during casual surfing on any given day? It's actually used in the above image as well which I think should be highlighted.

    I found what appears to be a solution from the following:

    From this post all you have to do is edit the jscript or create a new one then implement it in Chrome.

    I am not at all familiar with editing, but everything makes sense to me although I've made attempts to edit the json file as well as the script file (found under the various directories under Chrome via explorer). I've saved the recommended changes, but still a no go to have it recognize http as well as https. Do i need a special script editor and is Notepad not the way to go?

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