Set File Properties To Make Searching Easier In Windows

One of Windows 7's best features is the ability to find pretty much anything from the Search option on the Start menu. If you've got your own scripts that you run regularly, you can make these easy to find with a simple file properties trick, as Lifehacker reader Dan explains.

Dan writes:

I discovered this neat little trick today when using the Start Menu search as everybody does. In the same way you can use Start Menu search to input terms like "mouse speed" and have a result to change your mouse sensitivity show up in Control Panel, similar functionality can be emulated when you create a shortcut to something.

For example, imagine I create an AutoHotkey script that cleans up my computer doing a variety of things, possibly even running external background programs. I create a shortcut to that script, and under the properties windows of that script I add to the "Comment" field "Clean up my PC".

Then, when I'm at my Start Menu, I can simply search for "clean up my pc" and the script will appear. I'm sure they're loads of cool little tweaks and automations you could set up using this. In particular, a user could set up a bunch of common tasks their less computer savvy friend uses, so they can just simply search for what they want to do using their own words. All in all it’s nothing ground-breaking, just a little geeky trick, but we love our little geeky tricks don't we?

Indeed we do. This might also work on Vista, though its search options are a lot less reliable than Windows 7. Thanks Dan!


    this is a useful trick

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