Reuse Retail Boxes By Turning Them Inside Out

The boxes your electronic devices come in are often quite sturdy and would be perfect for storage, shipping or other uses, except they're usually covered in tons of barcodes, photos and text. This clever hack makes your box a blank slate.

Lifehacker reader dboudwin has a simple solution for turning barcode-spattered and graphic-bedazzled boxes into clean shipping boxes.

Instead of wrapping or using a sharpie to cross out all the barcodes of a retail box you need to ship, just turn it inside out. A lot of these boxes don't use tape or glue and turn into a perfect blank shipping box.

It's a clever solution whether you want to use it for shipping or just to have a nice clean box to label and store on a shelf. Have a clever tip of your own to share? Thanks for sharing dboudwin!


    Great tip, I'll try turning the retail boxes I'm already using inside out, thanks for sharing.

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