Plannr Is An Up-To-The-Minute Group Schedule Manager

iPhone: Mobile phones have revolutionised last-minute planning, but the process is still kludgy. Last-minute phone calls and text messages aren't the best solution for shifting your party gears. Plannr offers simple and unified group planning with instant RSVPing, integrated mapping, messaging and more.

Your mobile phone has all sorts of great features built-in that make last-minute plan changes easier to carry out - text messaging, map-based searching for bars, restaurants and other entertainment, a calendar, etc. Unfortunately those things aren't unified in any useful way. How easily can your friend go from a text message about a change in plans to a map and then back to responses from all the people coming? Not very easily.

Plannr is an iPhone application that ties together all your phone's neat tricks into a bundle that's useful for you and your friends. From within Plannr you can share where you're going, see immediately who in your group is aware of the plan changes and is coming to the new location, and group text so everyone is on the same page.

Check out the video above to see it in action and, if for nothing else, hear the excellent soundtrack by St Germain. Plannr is free, available as an iPhone and web-based app, and requires a basic registration or authentication via your Facebook account. Have a favourite tool for keeping in touch with your friends while you're out on the town? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Plannr [via Tech Crunch]


    Pity when you go to sign up, it has 4 timezones, which you can choose from, all in the US. Useless posting this on an Australian site.

      Additional timezone support coming within the next week to the site and very soon after to the app (depends on Apple for approval).

      Apologies for the delay for international support!


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