Picasa Makes ‘Face Movies’ From Contacts, Adds Picnik Editing

Picasa Makes ‘Face Movies’ From Contacts, Adds Picnik Editing

Windows/Mac: The most noticeable update to Google’s photo-editing software is “Face Movies”, or videos of particular contacts that keep their face framed in one spot. But there’s also desktop editing through Picnik and far better Picasa Web Albums integration.

Face Movies, despite the slightly awkward name, are pretty nifty. You select a batch of photos of a particular contact from Picasa’s People organiser, then choose the time to freeze on each frame, a transition effect and the video size. That way, you can create a terribly sentimental and touching video focused on a single person or prove, perhaps, that someone’s expression never changes (that link contains auto-playing audio).

Among the upgrades to Picasa’s basic editing deck, the big updates include the inclusion of Picnik, the online editing suite Google acquired earlier this year. Why place a Flash-based, connection-required editing tool into Picasa? That way, Google can roll out new editing tools and improvements without having to issue a whole software update. Picasa Web Albums fans can also now upload multiple albums, remove albums, change privacy on albums and otherwise manage their online Picasa from their desktop Picasa.

Picasa is a free download, and this update is available for Windows and Mac systems. Tell us what else you like about this new version, or want to see improved, in the comments.

Picasa 3.8: Face movies, Picnik integration, batch upload, and more [Google Photos Blog]


  • This update sucks. Apart for a few filters and fancy fonts this does no more than the standard interface (which thankfully is still there) You need to upload a copy of your photo to the website to manipulate and even on my work connection with moderate size picture file size, this takes 30 secs or more. Oh, and why sucky, because only about 1/3 of the editing tools are free, others need to be paid for. Way to go Google. This sucks big time!

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