Photograph Your Local Bus Stop For An Accurate Timetable

Online timetables for bus services often don't include every single stop. Lifehacker reader Xponti solved that problem by photographing his nearest stop, getting an accurate digital timetable.

Xponti writes:

Thought of this the other day when I was standing at the bus stop after arriving a few minutes late for a bus. The Transport Dept does not list the bus stop on the online or paper timetables so I decided to take a photo of the timetable on the sign at the bus stop with my phone so that I have a readily accessible timetable for my local bus stop on hand.

This is a trick I've used myself. Even if your online timetable does include every stop, pulling up a single file is quicker than navigating through a site, and having it on your phone makes it portable and accessible even if you're in an area with dodgy signal. Thanks Xponti!


    That is of course assuming that all the buses on that route run to time.

    I did this along time ago... Old news... NEXT!!

    Don't want to burst your bubble but you can actually download a PDF of individual timetable stops from the metlink website. All you need is a PDF reader on your portable device.

    That works really well if your local bus company runs on anything remotely resembling that, for me in reality that's not the case.

    If you are fortunate enough to have access to Google maps on your phone you can navigate from your current location to your destination by public transport. That will give you the same information as the photo and it will also tell you what the transfer points are.

    Not sure where that is rolled out, but I know it works in Perth, Western Australia.

    Must mention TripView for iPhone users in Sydney

    Awesome doesn't begin, Trains, Buses & Ferries, pick stop by name or map.

    Best $2.49 you will ever spend

    Are you serious? This qualifies as a life-hack now? C'mon LH!

    The other day I was reading a job advertisements and writing down the details when a guy next to me who just stood for about a minute took out his camera and clicked. I said "Damn! and why didn't I think of that, Thank You!" He laughed.

    Point is you can use your phone camera to take picture of any text for reference and save time.

    And as VikingBrad said, if you have iPhone get TripView paid version its worth it.

    You can still find timetables from 2007 around certain Gold Coast bus stops.

    I'd love to know what time the bus drivers are running on....sometimes it seems like they purposely run 10 minutes late.

    Even if you find an up to date timetable, they arrive approximately on time and then will wait a few minutes before leaving the stop until they're 10 minutes late again.

    commenting not because this is an "oh wow" moment but because the photo is of a bus I catch quite regularly! Freaky! 703 is alright with running to time-ness, but the beginning of the term is a bit flaky in regard to the uni-days-only express.

    For Adelaide there is Nomad.

    Or google maps with public transport.

    Anystop for android $0, probably the same as tripview for ios. All Trains, Buses & Ferries, pick stop by name or gps location. Awesome app. Works well in wa, would not know about any other state.

    I do this for shopping mall maps and other local information which you may need.

    Photo is definitely a good idea, i think the metlink app leaves off information about express buses (RE:titanium_geek), which has gotten me a few times (unless it has been updated since, i rarely use it for buses now) - that exact bus, actually.

    As an aside, that photo seems to have been taken at either the Hawthorn Rd or Finch Pl stop on Blackburn Rd.

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