OzRecycle Lets You Give Unwanted Stuff Away

OzRecycle Lets You Give Unwanted Stuff Away

Got stuff you don’t need any more but don’t fancy just chucking it out and don’t have the time to sell it on eBay? OzRecycle lets you list your items so others who might find them handy can pick them up from you, no cash involved.

The principle behind OzRecycle is the same as for Freecycle, which we’ve previously featured on Lifehacker. However, while Freecycle is effectively divided into regional groups which use a variety of listing methods, OzRecycle aggregates everything into a single site.

You can search by state or postcode for items on offer, and can also post requests for items you need. Handily, you can also subscribe to RSS feeds for listings, making it easy to keep track of new items on offer.

OzRecycle is a free service, requires registration. If you’ve used it to share your unwanted goods, tell us about the experience in the comments.



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