Optus Cable Network Offers Quadruple Speed For More Money

Optus Cable Network Offers Quadruple Speed For More Money

Optus has upgraded its HFC (cable internet) network in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, offering up to four times greater speed for customers using the service. That’s a welcome improvement if you’re regularly working with large files, but you’ll have to pay for the privilege.

If you’re already a cable customer (or sign up for a new service), you’ll need to purchase a ‘Premium Speed Pack’ for a minimum of $15 a month to access the higher speeds. The option also appears to only be offered when bundled with other services such as a home phone line.

Willing to pay extra for more speed or would you rather have a higher download limit instead? Share your thoughts in the comments.



  • “The option also appears to only be offered when bundled with other services such as a home phone line”

    A speed premium is one thing but this is the line that really bugs me. There is no good reason for this whatsoever.

    • I’ve had the product for several weeks – being part of a trial. The speeds I am getting are in the range 85Mb/s – 102Mb/s. While the speed is great – the product is most use to homes with multiple simultaneous users. We can now have the PS3 and 3 computes all getting seriously fast connection at a minimal extra cost. I suspect that in time Optus will off er this unbundled as well – but for our family that already have a cable bundled with a land line. This is a good value very impressive product.

  • I suppose it still doesn’t work with multi-unit dwellings? I’ve never understood why Optus can’t/won’t offer apartment and unit owners access to their cable Internet service when BigPond have been able to do it for years now. My building has both Foxtel/BigPond and Optus cables available but only BP will connect it for Internet access. Why? I recently switched from BP cable internet to Optus and had no choice, I had to go ADSL.

  • I’ve been looking at moving from optus to iinet or internode etc. for a few weeks now, but with this deal decided just to upgrade. If you ring optus you can get a much better deal than is advertised on the website. I upgraded to the 75/75 (off peak extended back to 12 -12) I kept my phone down at $19 a month unlimited calls, $15 for the speed boost and managed to sign up for 12 months only. Ended up a lot better than what they are advertising on line. Quite happy I don’t have the hassle of moving providers and being unconnected for a period. All in all roughly the same as other providers when you count in the 12 month contract, extended off peak time and supposed fibre like speeds. I’m sure others will disagree but it’s nice and hassle free for me.

  • Why is the English ISP’s keep raising their bandwidth and speed for the same money. While we suffer a cable duopoly and keep getting extorted. Roll on NBN and sink Telstra and Optus.

  • Personally, I think it would be better if most isp’s just merged together, or bought out telstra’s control, they are dickheads.

    I’d prefer if we had speed and bandwidth, like most other countries in the world. Pick up your game australia.

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