Nirvana Is A Stylish, New GTD Task Manager (And We’ve Got Invites)

Nirvana Is A Stylish, New GTD Task Manager (And We’ve Got Invites)

Nirvana is a new Getting Things Done, task-managing web app that seeks to keep you productive. It’s currently in closed beta, but we’ve got invites to share.

Nirvana really excels in its simplicity. If you’ve used a GTD-style task manager before, getting your to-dos into Nirvana should feel very familiar. Everything is organised in the Project —> Task hierarchy with the usual Today and Next (as in sometime in the future) filters.

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While not so much a feature, one great thing about Nirvana is the transparency in their development roadmap. Currently you can check out upcoming features. At the time of this post, an iPhone app is underway along with the ability to add recurring tasks, shared projects and a developer API.

If you want to give Nirvana a try, you can sign up for the beta for free using the invite code lifehack. Nirvana pledges to always have a free version, but after the beta period ends you’ll also have the option of upgrading to a paid premium account.

Nirvana (Sign up with code lifehack.)


  • Signed up, but this reminds me so much of

    Neither of them have an iphone app up yet, so might as well keep using doit since its been around longer.

  • I want toodledo with multi-level subtasks and/or multi-level folders. Toodledo is the best I’ve tried next to DGT GTD. The second is better and syncs with Toodledo. the extra features of DGT GTD are lost on the toodledo cloud app, since Toodledo doesn’t support them. Ugh. your cloud app would be perfect if it synced with DGT GTD including all features, not just a subset. You guys should get together. in combo, you’d be by far the best option. is another one to look at. They are nice, but fall down based on their failure to have simplified task list and hotlist views like toodledo. Also, DTG GTD is on limited platforms.

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