Niggle It Organises Warranties And Reminder Dates

You might be organised enough to keep all your warranty documents in a folder, but can you match them with the manuals, or remember when the warranty expires? Online service Niggle It lets you keep a list of valuables with associated expiry dates and offers automatic email reminders so you don't get caught out.

While the core application for Niggle It is keeping track of items with warranties, it's potentially usable with anything that has an expiry date (such as your passport or business registration). For each item you store, referred to as a niggle within the system, you can upload associated documents, whether that's photos, receipts or manuals.

Niggle It offers a free trial version with up to five items and 10MB of storage space for associated attachments, with various annual plans for larger amounts of data and more niggles. There's also an iPhone app to let you add or modify data on the go, while users of other phones can upload data through a special email address associated with their account.

Niggle It


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